Rehoboth Church - Youth  Group

Catering to the overall needs of the younger generation within the church is the Rehoboth Youth Group. The youth ministry functions as a ministerial wing under Rehoboth Church. It is an active and vibrant group with members ranging from teens to young adults.


 The focus of the ministry is to disciple youngsters in the church, equipping them to be true Christians according to the standard of the Bible while also providing a safe space for them to unwind, relax and have fun together. This is done through various youth-related activities such as energetic discussions, teaching of the Word, games, debates, evangelism, outreaches and so on.  The weekly Youth meeting takes place in the Glasgow Caledonian University’s Faith and Belief Centre at 6:00PM. This gathering allows the opportunity for Youths to spend time in singing, worshipping, studying the Word and praying together on a regular basis. Through the Church of God several Biblical courses such as Knowing the Holy Spirit, The Old Testament Survey and The New Testament Survey from Lee University, USA are currently being taught as part of the weekly study. Youth mentors and leaders of the church teach from the course materials provided by the university after which the room is open for discussion and feedback.  At the end of the courses, the youth have the unique possibility of sitting an exam which upon success completion allows them to be presented with a certificate from Lee University; an effective tool in discipleship.  


The Rehoboth Youth Group is also part of the bigger Church of God Youth Group in Scotland and the whole of the UK. They have biannual meets and camps where the youths spend time getting to know youths from other churches, having fun trough games and team activities along with time of spiritual fellowship, praise and worship and the preaching of the Word.

The Youth ministry focuses on overall development of the youth and thus, includes personal counselling sessions and help with matters outside the church activities. In a nut shell, the youth ministry is a platform where youngsters find people of similar ages, have fun, relax, learn about Jesus and grow in Him.