Rehoboth Church - Men's  Group

The angel said to Gideon, mighty man, God is with you. Today the Lord expects men to be mighty and responsible for the family. Moreover, they are the models of their own family and society they live in.


Rehoboth The Living Church has a vibrant ministry exclusively for men. One of the vital reasons we initiate this program is to make feel the brothers loved and to be prayed for them individually and collectively. They face lots of challenges in day to day life either at work place or at home. Their heart cry is ‘Is there anybody to listen to me”. In fact, there are certain issues they cannot even tell their spouses. Therefore, this ministry helps them to come together with open mind and to find answers from the Scripture.


Our brothers come from Indian-Srilankan background. They meet twice in a month for healthy chat, prayer and fellowship. Occasionally we go for physical activities and recreation that bring bonding between each person.

Our ultimate aim is to build a wide range of Men’s Ministry based on worship and Word of God and that would impact not only the individual family but society and beyond.


‘Everything rises and falls in leadership’ said the Leadership Expert Dr.John Maxwell. We have to pay attention that if the head of the family is keen, devoted to the Lord Jesus and His word, eventually his wife and children will follow him.

It is our heart’s desire to see men would rise to heights for God’s glory and influence the nation.