Rehoboth The Living Church

Springburn, Glasgow

Springburn Church Glasgow Rehoboth

Rehoboth is a vibrant and one of the fastest growing Pentecostal church in Glasgow & Edinburgh. Rehoboth was created with a purpose. It is a community of people trying to experience and show God’s love through word, worship,witnessing and fellowship. We come from all walks of life.


Our motto is “Enjoying and Experiencing God’s Kingdom.”


Our vision is to see Rehoboth grow in expanding God’s kingdom through preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, varied outreach ministries, planting churches, a strong commitment to prayer and praise.


Our Pastor Stephen Prem was a marine engineer sailed in ships across the seas and called to do God’s ministry. He obeyed the call and did his Bachelor’s degree in International Christian College in Glasgow, Scotland.He is doing God’s ministry in a leadership role since 2003.He has been blessed with wife Antoinette Shobana and two daughters Lydia and Hannah.

Ministries in Rehoboth


1) Preaching & Teaching
2) Children ministry during Sunday Service
3) Teens & Youth Ministries
4) Ladies Ministry
5) Street Evangelism
6) University student outreach
7) Literature ministry
8) Church planting
9) Compassion and Care