Dearly Beloved,


We as Rehoboth The Living Church has been actively glorifying God for past five years in Glasgow. Our congregation is mainly consists of Indian and Srilankan origin.  We are passionate to reach out the Asylum seekers from Srilanka. We are also involved in their community based activities. By God’s grace, we also have branches in Edinburgh and Nelliyadi, Srilanka.


Since we do not own the property, we rent the building to meet together on Sundays.  But couple of weeks ago, a church building has come for sale of £100,000. The Sellers came up with cheap price having the noble cause in their hearts. Indeed, they wanted to give out the money to two charities who are involved in sending missionaries to preach the Gospel.


The Church building seems to be very ideal to us in terms of size, location, transport etc. We believe the Lord Jesus would help us impact  the local community with His good news once we move to this property.


The Pastoral Team with the help of few churches’ sacrificial giving, so far we were able to raise at least half of the required money. Right now, we are left with the challenge to raise the other half to own the building.


Therefore we appeal you with mercies of God to become the Partners with us by your generous and sacrificial giving towards this divine cause.